This is for members of TNT , hosts of other alliances, and also people who what to join TNT.
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PostSubject: POLICY of TNT   26/8/2009, 8:04 am

It is the policy of the TNT alliance to provide any assistance we can to members and allies. Any member needing assistance will be taken care of. New members will have a 2 wk probation period, when they first join, in which they cannot recieve any resources or troops. This is to avoid handing jumpers valuable resources and them run off with them. However, information is always available to any member no matter how long they have been with the alliance. We currently have a 15k prestige minimum in place, in order to join the alliance. This should help provide us with active players who want to help expand our domain. Thank you for joining TNT, lets work together to get to number 1.

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